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Vegan is Love in Avalea {Women's}

Vegan is Love in Avalea {Women's}

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Spread love with our 'Vegan is Love' tee in a lovely azalea pink with a lighter pink design! Made with compassion from 100% vegan materials. Wear your heart on your sleeve and make a bold statement for kindness and ethical living. Let your fashion reflect your values with this eco-friendly and cruelty-free tee.


These are the measurements for this particular shirt. This shirt is cotton and will shrink slightly with washing. Size up accordingly if you prefer a roomier fit or down if you like a more fitted feel.

  • Small: 17.25 in Width x 25.5 in Length
  • Med: 19.25 in Width x 26 in Length
  • Large: 21.25 in Width x 27 in Length
  • XL: 23.25 in Width x 28 in Length
  • 2XL: 25.5 in Width x 28.5 in Length
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