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Not Ours To Eat Lamb Tee Shirt in Ash {Women's}

Not Ours To Eat Lamb Tee Shirt in Ash {Women's}

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Spread compassion with our 'Not Ours to Eat' tee, featuring an adorable baby lamb on soft black cotton. Crafted with care, this tee champions animal rights and ethical living. Wear it proudly to advocate for the welfare of all beings. Let your tee ignite conversations and inspire change for a kinder world.


These are the measurements for this particular shirt. This shirt is cotton and will shrink slightly with washing. Size up accordingly if you prefer a roomier fit or down if you like a more fitted feel.


  • Small: 17.25 in Width x 25.5 in Length
  • Med: 19.25 in Width x 26 in Length
  • Large: 21.25 in Width x 27 in Length
  • XL: 23.25 in Width x 28 in Length
  • 2XL: 25.5 in Width x 28.5 in Length
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